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Building Futures

Angela Merici was a famous educator of women from all classes of society in the Renaissance period. She lived in northern Italy and her vision was to serve the needs of the rich and poor alike.

Merici College follows Angela Merici’s vision in working with young women to maximise their potential in a nurturing, cooperative environment where excellence is encouraged and leadership is fostered.

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Merici is a Catholic College, established in 1959. We are a welcoming community, where authentic relationships are nurtured, and where dignity and integrity are affirmed. We seek to foster within our students a life-long love of learning, where each young woman is given the opportunity to grow spiritually and intellectually in order to make a positive contribution to society.

Merici College would greatly appreciate support from our community, current, past and prospective families, to contribute towards the payment of a wooden-carved statue of St Angela Merici, as well as other events related directly to the College's 60th Anniversary in 2019.

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